Areas of Practice

Aminudin, Fadly, Hermawan and Sadat (AFHS) provide legal consulting services, legal assistance, exercise power of attorney, represent, accompany, and perform other legal actions for clients. Legal consultations include, among others, legal advice, legal opinion, legal audit or due diligence in legal aspects and research on legal documents. AFHS also provides legal information, research and training. AFHS practice areas include the following areas:

Environmental, Agrarian and Natural Resources Law

This field (Environment, Agrarian, and Natural Resources Law) covers the legal aspects of environmental management, agrarian, land, spatial planning, land acquisition, geospatial, land protection, coastal areas and small islands, marine, water resources, forestry, conservation of living natural resources, fisheries, energy, electricity, waste management, mineral resources and geothermal.

Business Law

This field (Business Law) covers aspects of corporate law, business contracts, trade, industry, intellectual property rights, consumer protection, business competition, financing institutions, financial institutions, banking, capital markets and bankruptcy.

Human Resources Law

This field (Human Resources Law) covers aspects of family law, education, training, employment, labor, industrial relations dispute resolution, immigration, citizenship, and transmigration.

Information and Communication Law

Information and Communication Law covers legal aspects of post, telecommunications, public information disclosure, books, press, broadcasting, electronic information and transactions and film.

Property, Building and Construction Law

The field of property, building and construction law covers legal aspects of housing and residential areas, flats, buildings, construction services and architect services.

Dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution includes dispute resolution through the courts (litigation) or alternative dispute resolution outside the court such as through consultation, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.